Adventures are the quickest way to earn Gold and Land early in the game. Each adventure has different requirements such as Clan size , Warriors , Weapons and Energy.

Drop Items

Some adventures will randomly award "drop" items. Some adventures seem to drop items more easily than other. Another factor to consider is that some items will be more useful than others. A favourite of mine is the Giant Spider [46/41]. The Giant Spider is already quite a powerful weapon but when your minimum attack exceeds 46 you can use the gift Poison Arrows to give it a new lease of life by crafting it into the Noxious Giant Spider [49/49]. (This recipe also requires the Ledhrblaka Armor which can be elited and legendaried. I personally do not advise crafting the Noxious Giant Spider)

The att/def attributes of items acquired on adventures quickly begin to exceed the stats. of items you can buy with coins. The highest none legendary item you can buy is the Surtr Fire Sword [40/38] but this is exceeded by the Tarnkappe [40/44] dropped in Alfheim and by the gift Sigil of Odin [44/44]. By level 1,000 you should be able to dispense with ordinary purchased weapons altogether.

Quest Achievements

You will be awarded an achievement for completing each quest a certain number of times. This will usually take the form of 2 or 3 skill points.As you progress through the game it will take more repetitions to reach the 100% mark where the bonus is awarded. So while it is possible to skip quests they are also worth going back to complete.

Adventure Help

In your Social feed, you can click "Adventure Help" and assist your clan members with their adventures. Each assist pays a small amount of XP (between 0.4% and 0.8% of your total XP required to advance a level) as well as a small amount of coins.

You are limited to helping out with a maximum of 35 adventures in a 22 hour period.

Adventure help maxed


Viking Clan is split into different locations by player level. As you level up you unlock new Adventures, Blacksmith Recipes, Challenges and Bosses within the location until you have levelled enough to unlock the next one. Until you unlock a location you cannot usually see what lies ahead.

These locations are set out below together with details of the adventures they contain.

NB Some of the figures will be out by a few points of Energy as it seem the devs. have updated the Energy requirements (for some of the higher locations at least) since the original figures were collected. This update will also affect the new XP-to-Energy ratio data, just added. We will try and update the wiki with the new figures A.S.A.P. Fablanta (talk) 05:36, March 28, 2015 (UTC)

You need to hit expand to see the individual adventures available in that location.

North Midgard

Consult The Oracle
Harvest Your Crops
Start a Pub Fight
Collect Protection Money
Mountain Giants descend from the hills, kill them
Burn Enemy Ships
Storm a Watchtower

South Midgard

Loot a Village
Rockslides threaten a village, catch the boulders
Attack the Mountain Giants
Plunder the High Seas
Lay Siege to a Foreign City
Challenge an Orc to Battle
Attack the Amazons
Assassinate a Warlord
Voyage for Treasure

Aegir's Sea

Aegir's Harpies slaughter your men, destroy them
Patrol and Protect Trade Treaties
Seek Foreign Allies
Establish High Sea Trade Routes
Negotiate Aegir's Sea Patrols
Raid Aegir's Secret Armories

Aegir's Passage

An Ocean Titan rises, send him back to the deep
Pass the Red Cliff Channel
Explore Aegir's Lost Islands
Voyage to Aegir's Hall
Feast in Aegir's Hall
Outsmart the Trickster Loki
Journey to the Ocean's Edge


Cross the Abyss to Vanaheim
A monstrosity threatens the Elder Oak, stop it!
Seek wisdom of the Vanir
Challenge Njord's Trials
Duel the Great Njord
Repel the Attacking Jotun
Seek Magic of the Barri Woods
Protect the Hall of Frey


Free the trapped shade of your father
Brave the Shore of Corpses
Visit the Village of Mist
Traverse the Frost Wastelands
Raid Frost Giant Villages
Explore Underground Ice Caves
Retrieve Magic Timber
Commission the Great Builders


Raid the Giant's Horde
Drink a potion of giant growth
Take the Wisdom of Mimir
Charge the River Slith
Destroy Seafaring Jotun
Hunt Creatures of the Iron Wood
Raid the Great City of Utgard


Infernal demons kidnap the elven king. Rescue him.
Expel Attacking Dark Dwarves
Free Elves Trapped in the Cursed Forest
Consult the Dying Elders
Ascend the Mountains of Alfheim
Save the Elders


Excavate the lost dwarven city
Pillage Ancient Dwarf Hoards
Challenge the Dwarf Labyrinths
Free Slave Elves
Destroy Dwarf Mines
Battle a Dwarf Sorceror


Dragon Whelps have hatched, kill them while young
Double Cross The Troll King
Ambush Surtr's Navy
Raid Surtr's Stables
Exterminate the Flying Giants
Crush Surtr's Royal Protectors


Find Helheim's Entrance
Something smashes the gates of Hel. Find it.
Fight the Guardians of the Gate
Find the God Baldr
Battle to Helheim's Gate
Fight to free Baldr
Seek Veteran Warriors
Hunt Helheim's Game
Raid Helheim's Armory
Burn and Loot Hel's Mansions
Seek out Hel


Celebrate with Baldr
The Ice Dragon escapes its frozen cage. Thaw it.
Perform for the Goddesses
Spar a Righteous Warrior
Storytell of Baldr's Rescue
Accept Gifts for freeing Baldr
Feast with Honorable Warriors
Have your Fortune Told
Write your saga
Barter for a weapon of the Gods
Charm the Goddesses


An abomination leaves a trail of dead. Track it.
Commission a Ship of The Gods
Weave a Mortal's Destiny with Frigg
Test your wit against Heroic Warriors
Toast with Heroes
Cast Runes for Thor
Defeat Invading Giants with Thor
Quarry for Impenetrable Stone
Contribute to the Wall of Asgard
Gain Freya's Trust
Smash Loki's Great Hall

Midgard - Godly Trials

Journey to Fenrir's Den
Rumbles deep underground. Descend, silence them
Defeat Spirit Wolf Guardians
Battle Fenrir
Return Tyr's Hand
Cleanse Great Forest
Exterminate Ogre Colony
Seal Ogre Cavern
Destroy Woad Temple
March on Woad Capital
Storm Clan Lord's Fortress

Alfheim - Godly Trials

Pass Delling, Guardian of Alfheim
Hear the thunder of giant wings. It approaches...
Enter Ancient Grove and Defeat Sentinels
Confront the High Elven Priest
Retrieve Freyr's Magic Sword
Tame Gullinbursti the Golden Boar
Command Freryr's Vessel, Skidbladner
Deliver Freyr's Message to Gerde
Steal Freya's Necklace, Brisingamen
Defeat Freya's Guardians
Enter Folkvang, Home of Freya

Nidavellir - Godly Trials

Rout the Cavern Trolls
A holy dragon runs rampant, tame it.
Cast a demon deep underground
Drain the Flooded Tunnel
Rescue Workers in Collapsed Mineshaft
Shatter the Stone Beast
Bridge the Magma River
Repel the Dwarven Assault
Clear the Haunted Tunnel
Steal Mystic Ore from Deepdrake's Hoard
Challenge Commander of Dwarven Citadel
Forge Magical Blade in Citadel Furnace

Muspell - Godly Trials

Enter the uncharted Myrkwood, find the other side
A parasitic demon leaches life from Muspell.
An undead king rises to fight
Defeat the sentinels, earn passage into Muspell
Cross the Plains of Ash, fend off the Magma Hounds
Seal the mouth of the Great Volcano
Some Fire Etins surround you, snuff them out
Sail across the lake of fire to Surtr's palace
Hammer down the gates
An inferno demon rises from the slag pits, slay it
The Heartspark lies deep in Surtr's hall, take it
Destroy Naglfari, Surtr's ship, and delay Ragnarok

Helheim - Godly Trials

Seize Gjallarbru, the bridge to Helheim
You hear a bloodcurdling howl, find the source
Battle Gorm the demon wolf guarding Helheim's gate
Knock down Helgrind, the doorway to Helheim
A ghostly army awaits you on the far side. Fight
Rebuild Helvegr, the path through Hel's kingdom
Delve deeper into Helheim, resist taunting demons
Cross into Nastrond, land of death
Hack apart rising corpses
Assault Eljudni, Hel's dark fortress
Claim the Elixir of Everlife

Vingolf - Godly Trials

Offer the Elixir of Everlife, appease the Vanir
Test your prowess against the Vanir champion
The Vanir accept you, dine with them
A demon host approaches, fortify Vingolf
Meet the demon army on the battlefield
Fall back to the gate, it must not fall
Hold the line against the demon elite
Slay the demon commander in single combat
Bottle water from the Well of Fate
Ask the Norns to glimpse your future
Change the course of your fate
Clip a branch from the Eternal Tree
Pluck a feather from a Valkyrie
Marry a Vanir deity
Raise a demigod child

Asgard - Godly Trials

Warn Odin of Ymir's army of giants
Defend Bifrost alongside Heimdall
Scatter the fire giants
Launch a counterattack on Idavoll plain
Rescue Bragi from the Frost Giants
Aid Valkyries in reclaiming lost warriors
Help Tyr guard the retreat
Buy time for your comrades
Go back to rescue Freya
Fight beside Odin on the steps of Valhalla!
Take your place among the gods of Asgard

Hel's Rising

Accept Odin's gift, the great ring Draupner.
Hel amasses an army, prepare for war.
Meet Hel's forces at the gates to the underworld.
Hel sends assassins for you, dispose of them.
Forge a holy weapon made of light.
Banish Hel's contingent of evil spirits.
Crush armies of undead infantry.
Harvest poison from Hel's demon serpents.
Aid Thor's forces on the western flank.
Slay Hel's elite demon guards
Drive Hel back into the underworld.

Skadi's Blizzard

Travel to Greyforge to enter the Jarl's service.
Patrol the city walls and fight off raiders.
Rescue a man fleeing a mob of werewolves!
Hunt and capture one of the werewolves.
Drive off the werewolf counterattack.
Scout out the werewolf den.
Journey to Wulfgar to assemble a force.
Mount a full assault on the werewolf warren.
Free a group of the werewolves' prisoners.
Destroy the werewolf leader Nordvikk in battle.


Defend against the barbarian horde!
Warn Heimdall of the approaching barbarians.
Help Sif search for Heimdall.
Find a dwarf to repair Gjallarhorn.
Save the dwarven blacksmith from his creations!
Defeat the dwarven golems blocking Bifrost!
Race to warn Asgard approaching army!
Asgard's gates must not fall!
Force hordes from Bifrost.
Ascend Heimdall's watchtower.
Heimdall has gone mad, battle him.

Jotunheim World Wall

The Jotnar launch a surprise assault on Utgard!
Fend off the Jotnar invasion force.
Launch war party into the heart of Jotunheim.
Assault Gastropnir, home of Menglad.
Pursue fleeing Jotnar skirmishers.
An ambush! Fight your way out!
Besiege Prymheimr, domain of Pjazi.
Capture Jotnar scouting party.
Engage open war with the Jotnar army.
Seal the Jotnar eternally in Jotunheim.
Challenge Thrym, King of the Jotnar.

Yggdrasil World Tree

Ancient evil threatens the World Tree, go there.
Orcs hack at the roots, rout them.
Fight up through the root tunnels.
Climb the lower branches.
Collect healing golden sap.
Defend Yggdrasil's corewood.
Protect the four stags!
Fight along the highest boughs.
Fashion a bow from Yggdrasil's wood.
Retake the uppermost canopy.
Hurl frost giants to their deaths.


Ask permission to pass the gates of Svartalfheim.
The Dvergar city is under attack, defend it!
Clear the streets of orcs!
Slay the orc general one on one.
Goblin hordes emerge from below, find their home.
Cross the deathwind chasm.
Slaughter the goblin armies.
Raze the orc encampment.
Repair the pillars supporting the world.
Rekindle the fire at the earth's heart.
An ancient evil rises from the dark, face it!

Wellspring of Mimir

Something taints the Well of Urd, cleanse it.
Venture deep beneath Yggdrasil's roots.
Ambush a scouting party of dark elves.
Pursue survivors to the spring of Mimir.
It's a trap! Fight for your life!
Follow the waters of Mimir.
Ford the deadly rapids.
Ascend a cascading waterfall.
Duel the sea serpent in the poisoned pool.
Cleanse the well of Urd of its poison.
A great beast approaches, ready yourself.

Battle of Bifrost

Collect the shards of your ancestral sword.
Reforge the legendary blade, wield it.
Break the curse on the Silenced Horn, sound it.
Prove your worth to the Stag Captain in battle.
Retake the bridge from a goblin army.
Help the Gatekeeper repel an Jotnar assault.
Hel's minions assault Bifrost bridge, defeat her forces.
Fly a chariot to the sun, return it to its proper course.
An asteroid cracks the bridge, repair it quickly.
Jotnar successfully storm the gates, fight for your life.
Throw them off Bifrost and into eternity.

Midgard - Odin's Ravens

A Jotnar army marches on your village, return home.
Rally your people for battle.
Stem the giant assault at the mountain pass.
Smash the dam, flood the enemy camp.
Ambush the enemy supply train.
Light a grassfire, burn out the enemy.
Call down lightning among your opponents.
Slay Privaldi, the nine-headed giant.
Clash their army head to head on Vigrior Plain.
Delay Fimbulvintur, the great winter.
Hunt Huginn and Muninn, Odin's ravens.


You are slain in battle, ascend to Valhalla.
Feast with the gods and your fallen comrades.
Loki's forces attack the great hall, repel them.
Protect the mythical stags Eikthyrnir and Heithrun.
Loki's armies surround Valhalla, rally your troops.
Disguise yourself and infiltrate Loki's camp.
When dawn rises, attack from within his troops.
Blow the horn, signal your troops to strike.
Fall back to Valhalla's great hall.
Fend off a battalion of trolls.
The Shadow Valkyrie nears. Fight her on Valhalla's steps.


Enter the hallowed fields of Folkvang.
Clear away the poisonous mist.
Track an orc force through the woods.
Ambush their camp as night falls.
Question orc leader, then execute him.
Hold a mountain pass from goblin hordes.
Trigger a rockslide, crush goblin rear guard.
Slay troll chieftain one on one.
Rally Einherjar spirits, counterattack.
Defend the hall of Sessrumnir
Reclaim Folkvang's long lost treasure.

Midgard Ocean

Set sail into the endless Midgard ocean.
Engage and destroy pirate fleet.
Aegir sends a storm, survive it.
Hunt down the legendary whale.
Tame and control the four winds.
Enlist the Mermaid army.
Sail to the ocean's edge.
Dive to the sea floor, explore.
Map the endless ocean.
Claim an ancient treasure.
Something rises from the deep...

Salish Sea

Raid a Skraeling Village
Singlehandedly defeat a bear
Trade for furs and blankets.
Search for the rope to the heavens.
Explore twisting limestone caves
Consult the Cammosung stone for guidance
Take part in an archery competition
Attend a Potlach
Track the Sasquatch
Hunt a Woolly Mammoth
Wrestle a giant octopus
Study the magic of the Thunderbirds