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Myrkvidr Adventures Edit


  1. Forge a path for your warriors
  2. Climb a tree to get your bearings.
  3. Bring a gift to a wood witch's cottage
  4. Drive away the nattmara
  5. Search for Thunderstones
  6. Let in the light - fell an ancient ironwood tree
  7. Carve a nithing pole from ancient iron wood
  8. Find and return the troll king's pet bear
  9. Hunt a giant wolf
  10. Escape from a pack of vengeful wargs
  11. Drink of the Mead of Inspiration
  12. Defeat a lindwyrm

Forge a path for your warriors Edit

Reward Random Drop Requires Achievement
31.500 billion+

3453 XP

Gloom axe

Gloom Axe 136 Attack 132 Defense

266 Energy

Level 15275
10 Chieftains

60 x

Thunderbird 115 Attack 103 Defense

Repeat 90 times

for 8 SP

Climb a tree to get your bearings.Edit Edit

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