• Barbaloot

    [Note: you can read a condensed version of this on the Why Craft Blacksmith Items page.]

    Ever been burned crafting something at the Blacksmith? You created a shiny new weapon or warrior and your total attack and defense went down instead of up? Then this article is for you :-)

    Blacksmith crafting is something of an arcane art, but understanding a few key parameters can help pierce the veil and usher you in to the small circle of initiates who have wickedly high total attack and defense ratings. Let's dive in!

    First, here's what Kano has to say about the Blacksmith:

    Visit your Blacksmith to craft new and better items from any unused Gifts and low-level items that might be cluttering up your inventory.
    Your Blacksmith already has many re…

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  • Aleshajorel

    Item Creation Progress

    October 28, 2014 by Aleshajorel
    Guilds add info on being a guild officer & leader "Pending"
    adding items from my inventory "Pending"
    adding items daily from the Gods In progress

    Useful links

    compiling a complete inventory list
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  • Fablanta

    Adoption Request

    December 11, 2011 by Fablanta

    Since this Viking Clan Wiki seems to have been all but abandoned I have put in a request to be it's father. If anyone has any objections or alternate suggestions for daddy please feel free to leave a comment.


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