From the in-game help:

You get 1 new Daily Quest at Midnight server time each day

  • You can have a maximum of 3 active Quests
  • You can Re-roll 1 Quest per day
  • Quests never expire
  • Not all Quests reward a Loot Chest! Be sure to check the reward

payout Rewards before you Re-roll

(ie. Lottery Quests pay out Lottery Tickets as a reward)

You can have up to 3 active daily quests at a time, and you can re-roll a received daily quest once per day.

Rewards are Loot Chests which you can upgrade for better rewards. There's also a slight chance (maybe 1 in 100?) that a Loot Chest will be upgraded upon opening.


  • Collecting favors - Assist with 2 Challenges
  • A true warrior helps those in need - Assist with 2 Adventures
  • May we toast to victory in the mead halls - Attack Coop Bosses 25 times
  • Range far and wide and take what is yours - Complete 15 Adventures in your highest location
  • Once more unto the breach - Send an Energy or Stamina Boost to your Inner Circle
  • Lay in wait, we strike at first light - Counter Attack other chieftains 5 times
  • Issue the challenge - Axe Slap other chieftains 5 times
  • Putting food on the table - Shoot targets 10 times
  • This foe is not beyond all of us - Attack World Bosses 3 times
  • Chance fate for a shot at the greatest prizes - Play 10 hands of Odin Runes
  • Partaking of the "enhanced" mead - Share Berserker Boosts with your Chieftains


  • Weapon
  • Warrior
  • Energy
  • Gold boost (7 x profit)
  • Lottery Ticket

Yellow Chests (Lvl. 1) give 4 random rewards.