These are only the God items I have recorded and the Crate items I have seen, so, this list is by no means complete.

Item Item Name Att. Def. Type Additional Information
2013 Claymore2013 Claymore31083W
2013 Cloak2013 Cloak83310WFavor Points purchase
Abominable WarriorAbominable Warrior189150SFavor Points purchase
Admiral SabreAdmiral Sabre246246WFavor Points purchase
Adolescent DragonAdolescent Dragon458458WLimited Quantity - May 2017
AdventurerAdventurer140223SCrate purchase
Aegir's DaughterAegir's Daughter144133SFavor Points purchase
Aesir HelmAesir Helm378296WFavor Points purchase
Aesir SickleAesir Sickle337337WFavor Points purchase
Aesir VictorAesir Victor214460SFavor Points purchase
Afterlife AmuletAfterlife Amulet586297WLimited Quantity - January 2017
Afterlife GuardianAfterlife Guardian442442SLimited Quantity - January 2017
Afterlife StaffAfterlife Staff489394WLimited Quantity - January 2017
Ale Head FlailAle Head Flail259334WFavor Points purchase
American ShieldAmerican Shield269269WFavor Points purchase
Amethyst GuideAmethyst Guide187416SFavor Points purchase
Amethyst RodAmethyst Rod302302WFavor Points purchase
Amphibious OracleAmphibious Oracle401401WLimited Time - December 2016
Amphibious ProphetAmphibious Prophet275350SFavor Points purchase
Anansi SilkAnansi Silk349274WFavor Points purchase
Ancestor WarriorAncestor Warrior169190SFavor Points purchase
Ancestors HammerAncestors Hammer250169WFavor Points purchase
Ancestral PlateAncestral Plate169250WCrate purchase
Ancient DragonbladeAncient Dragonblade313242WFavor Points purchase
Ancient DragonhelmAncient Dragonhelm313242WFavor Points purchase
Ancient DragonhunterAncient Dragonhunter242313SFavor Points purchase
Ancient KinghelmAncient Kinghelm128225WFavor Points purchase
Ancient KingswordAncient Kingsword225128WFavor Points purchase
Ancient VampireAncient Vampire267215WFavor Points purchase
AngelanceAngelance224290WFavor Points purchase
Aptrgangr ClaymoreAptrgangr Claymore250512WLimited time - July 2016
Aptrgangr PlateAptrgangr Plate381381WLimited time - July 2016
AptrgangrAptrgangr338424SLimited time - July 2016
Aqua GladiusAqua Gladius382382WLimited time - August 2016
Aqua KnightAqua Knight513251SLimited time - August 2016
Aqua PlateAqua Plate425339WLimited time - August 2016
Archangel GreatswordArchangel Greatsword281141WFavor Points purchase
Archer QueenArcher Queen353156SFavor Points purchase
Archlord GauntletsArchlord Gauntlets130275WFavor Points purchase
Archlord HammerArchlord Hammer275130WCrate purchase
ArchlordArchlord275130SFavor Points purchase
Archmage CloakArchmage Cloak120218WFavor Points purchase
Archmage SpellbookArchmage Spellbook218120WFavor Points purchase
ArchmageArchmage143195SFavor Points purchase
Arctic CentaurArctic Centaur217280SFavor Points purchase
Arctic TunicArctic Tunic217280WFavor Points purchase
Armor of JunoArmor of Juno360285WFavor Points purchase
Arrow ShieldArrow Shield318245WCrate purchase - Rare
Asgardian Monk Holy StaveAsgardian Monk Holy Stave172172WFavor Points purchase
Asgardian Monk Robes of ValhallaAsgardian Monk Robes of Valhalla172175WFavor Points purchase
Asgardian MonkAsgardian Monk200147SFavor Points purchase
Ashmen HelmAshmen Helm189430WFavor Points purchase
Ashmen SpearAshmen Spear349270WFavor Points purchase
AtgeirAtgeir204145WFavor Points purchase
Auld AcquaintanceAuld Acquaintance181410SFavor Points purchase
Auld Lang Syne PipeAuld Lang Syne Pipe258333WFavor Points purchase
AustriAustri191150SFavor Points purchase
Austri's Battle-axeAustri's Battle-axe201140WFavor Points purchase
Austri's PlateAustri's Plate140201WFavor Points purchase
Autumn HammerAutumn Hammer228288WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Autumn King ArmorAutumn King Armor228228WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Autumn KingAutumn King228228WCrate purchase - Uncommon
AvengerAvenger254516SLimited time - August 2016
AwokenAwoken359358SCrate purchase - Legendary
Badger ClawsBadger Claws314314WFavor Points purchase
Bait BagBait Bag464464WLimited Quantity - June 2017
Baked GoodsBaked Goods200429WFavor Points purchase
BaldricBaldric90281WFavor Points purchase
Bandit MailBandit Mail140216WFavor Points purchase
Bandit QueenBandit Queen156200SFavor Points purchase
Bandit SlingBandit Sling216140WFavor Points purchase
Bane BladeBane Blade300131WCrate purchase - Common
Barbaric ShamanBarbaric Shaman308166SFavor Points purchase
Barbed CudgelBarbed Cudgel206140WFavor Points purchase
Barkbeast ArmorBarkbeast Armor336442WLimited time - July 2016
Barkbeast BranchBarkbeast Branch379379WLimited time - July 2016
BarkbeastBarkbeast248510SLimited time - July 2016
Battalion LordBattalion Lord187187SFavor Points purchase
Battle BunnyBattle Bunny454454SLimited Quantity - April 2017
Battle ChainsBattle Chains361286WFavor Points purchase
Battle Mage BladeBattle Mage Blade215120WFavor Points purchase
Battle Mage StaffBattle Mage Staff120215WFavor Points purchase
Battle MageBattle Mage230105SFavor Points purchase
Beach Day BruteBeach Day Brute513414SLimited Quantity - June 2017
Bear ChestplateBear Chestplate396491WLimited Quantity - February 2017
Bear ClawBear Claw444444WLimited Quantity - February 2017
Bear TalismanBear Talisman255331WSupplied when you buy the level 5400 character type Berserker Viking
BearmanBearman144180SOriginal stats [99/130]
Beartooth LanceBeartooth Lance210142WFavor Points purchase
Beastman Bull HelmBeastman Bull Helm131216WFavor Points purchase
Beastman ExecutionerBeastman Executioner175172SFavor Points purchase
Beastman Hoof CrusherBeastman Hoof Crusher216131WFavor Points purchase
BeauBeau314400SFavor Points purchase
Beefy WarriorBeefy Warrior421335SLimited time - July 2016
Beer BlockerBeer Blocker145263WFavor Points purchase
BeerbladeBeerblade263145WCrate purchase
Beheader BladeBeheader Blade381166WFavor Points purchase
Beheader HelmBeheader Helm375172WFavor Points purchase
BellhelmBellhelm231300WFavor Points purchase
BellmaceBellmace231300WFavor Points purchase
Beowulf's SwordBeowulf's Sword162145WFavor Points purchase
Berserker BootsBerserker Boots145271WCrate purchase
Berserker ChieftainBerserker Chieftain271145SFavor Points purchase
Berserker ClaymoreBerserker Claymore271145WFavor Points purchase
Berserker DeathaxesBerserker Deathaxes408178WSupplied when you buy the level 5400 character type Berserker Viking
Bird Eye ArrowsBird Eye Arrows384474SLimited Time - June 2017
Bird Eyed BowmanBird Eyed Bowman292566WLimited Time - June 2017
Birds Eye BowBirds Eye Bow468468WLimited Time - June 2017
Black FriggBlack Frigg351272SThis was the Black Friday bargain for 2014
Black KnightBlack Knight425196SFavor Points purchase
Black RiderBlack Rider306306SFavor Points purchase
Black TalonBlack Talon206178WFavor Points purchase
Blackbird ArmorBlackbird Armor178206WFavor Points purchase
BlackbirdBlackbird127257SFavor Points purchase
Blackmagic BombBlackmagic Bomb190139WOriginal stats were updated by 50 each
BlackspearBlackspear377165WFavor Points purchase
Blade BracersBlade Bracers262341WFavor Points purchase
Blade CommanderBlade Commander487392SLimited Quantity - January 2017
Blade Dancer CloakBlade Dancer Cloak141250WFavor Points purchase
Blade DancerBlade Dancer141250SFavor Points purchase
Blade of IndependenceBlade of Independence430430WLimited Time - July 2017
Blade of LoveBlade of Love397492WLimited Quantity - February 2017
Blade of MelancholyBlade of Melancholy581292WLimited Quantity - December 2016
Blade of ParadiseBlade of Paradise331331WFavor Points purchase
Blade of the PatriarchBlade of the Patriarch312613WLimited Quantity - June 2017
Blade QueenBlade Queen194150SFavor Points purchase
Bladed ShoulderguardsBladed Shoulderguards440440WLimited Quantity - January 2017
BlastersBlasters391486WLimited Quantity - December 2016
Blazing BucklerBlazing Buckler763358WCrate purchase - Legendary May 2017
Blazing SunstoneBlazing Sunstone561375WLimited Time - June 2017
Blessed Composite BowBlessed Composite Bow160155WSupplied when you buy the level 100 character type Blessed Thane
Blessed KnightBlessed Knight478386SLimited Time - July 2017
Blessed TunicBlessed Tunic155160WSupplied when you buy the level 100 character type Blessed Thane
Blessed WarriorBlessed Warrior136156SSupplied when you buy the level 100 character type Blessed Thane
BlitzenBlitzen124140Favor Points purchase
Blizzard CrossbowBlizzard Crossbow145130WFavor Points purchase
Blood MistressBlood Mistress250170SFavor Points purchase
Bloodberry BowBloodberry Bow356274WFavor Points purchase
Bloodberry ThrallBloodberry Thrall315315SFavor Points purchase
Bloodberry WineBloodberry Wine438192WFavor Points purchase
Bloodbound RaiderBloodbound Raider177177SFavor Points purchase
Bloodcrust PlateBloodcrust Plate170250WFavor Points purchase
Bloodfeud BarbarianBloodfeud Barbarian321321SFavor Points purchase
Bloodfeud HammerBloodfeud Hammer280362WFavor Points purchase
Bloodfeud Siege TowerBloodfeud Siege Tower198444WFavor Points purchase
Bloodforged AxeBloodforged Axe260160W
Bloodforged ShieldBloodforged Shield160260WFavor Points purchase
Bloodline GuardianBloodline Guardian122297SCrate purchase
Bloodrage Barbarian KingBloodrage Barbarian King150194SFavor Points purchase
Bloodrage Crown HelmBloodrage Crown Helm120224WFavor Points purchase
Bloodrage StaffBloodrage Staff224120WFavor Points purchase
BloodspillerBloodspiller28190WFavor Points purchase
Bloodstone AxeBloodstone Axe192421WFavor Points purchase
Bloodstone BucklerBloodstone Buckler307307WFavor Points purchase
Bloodstone GolemBloodstone Golem269344WFavor Points purchase
BloodswordBloodsword250170WFavor Points purchase
Bone's SoldierBone's Soldier149149SOriginal stats were updated by 50 each
Boulder PlateBoulder Plate396173WFavor Points purchase
BouquetBouquet226488WFavor Points purchase
Bow MaidenBow Maiden144222SFavor Points purchase
Bow of TimeBow of Time378126WFavor Points purchase
Bowmaster FlexbowBowmaster Flexbow176170WThe Flexbow and the Bowmaster Flexbow are probably duplicates as they have the same image and stats.
BowmasterBowmaster173173SFavor Points purchase
Brain BasherBrain Basher397174WFavor Points purchase
Bravehearted VikingBravehearted Viking601304SLimited Quantity - April 2017
Brawler HelmBrawler Helm223223WCrate purchase - Common
BrawlerBrawler150196SFavor Points purchase
Brer SheildBrer Sheild426197WFavor Points purchase
Brilliant ChestplateBrilliant Chestplate462374WLimited Time - April 2017
Brine SoldierBrine Soldier209209SFavor Points purchase
BrogansBrogans184185WFavor Points purchase
Brotherhood MasterBrotherhood Master395172SFavor Points purchase
Brutal MaceBrutal Mace426340WLimited time - August 2016
Brutal ShieldBrutal Shield514252WLimited time - August 2016
Brutal WarriorBrutal Warrior383383SLimited time - August 2016
Brute BreastplateBrute Breastplate80300WFavor Points purchase
Brute DaggersBrute Daggers30080WFavor Points purchase
Brute WarriorBrute Warrior30080SFavor Points purchase
Bubbly GrogBubbly Grog294583WLimited Quantity - December 2016
Buck SpearBuck Spear274536WLimited Time - January 2017
Bucktooth ShieldBucktooth Shield256260WFavor Points purchase
Burning CrownBurning Crown108250WFavor Points purchase
Burning OfferingBurning Offering378466WLimited Time - May 2017
Cairn GolemCairn Golem210147SFavor Points purchase
Candycane CleaversCandycane Cleavers224115WFavor Points purchase
Captain IndependenceCaptain Independence465465WLimited Quantity - June 2017
Carapace PlateCarapace Plate202202WFavor Points purchase
Carrot Throwing KnivesCarrot Throwing Knives502405WLimited Quantity - April 2017
Carving SquireCarving Squire254328SFavor Points purchase
Cat HoodCat Hood384168WCrate purchase - Rare
CatclawsCatclaws168384WCrate purchase - Rare
Cavalcade AdeptCavalcade Adept365365SFavor Points purchase
Cavalcade ArmorCavalcade Armor496234WFavor Points purchase
Celtic ArmorCeltic Armor253253WFavor Points purchase
Celtic KingCeltic King253253SFavor Points purchase
Centaur KingCentaur King200194SFavor Points purchase
Centaurian MaceCentaurian Mace200194WFavor Points purchase
Centaurian PlateCentaurian Plate194200WFavor Points purchase
Ceremonial BucklerCeremonial Buckler423512WLimited Quantity - June 2017
Champion AxeChampion Axe155140WFavor Points purchase
Champion LongshipChampion Longship154141WThe original name for this was Champion Chieftain Longboat
Champions HammerChampions Hammer250182WFavor Points purchase - 4th birthday
Chariot of DeathChariot of Death449363WLimited Time - January 2017
Chieftains BeltChieftains Belt165290WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Christmas ElfChristmas Elf135155SFavor Points purchase
Christmas HelmChristmas Helm159155WFavor Points purchase
Christmas Holly SpearChristmas Holly Spear160159WFavor Points purchase
Chrysoprase CatapultChrysoprase Catapult204433WFavor Points purchase
Chrysoprase ShieldChrysoprase Shield319319WFavor Points purchase
CinderskinCinderskin296229WFavor Points purchase
Citrine ArmletCitrine Armlet252326WFavor Points purchase
Citrine BladeCitrine Blade289289WFavor Points purchase
ClaymoreClaymore200130WFavor Points purchase
Cleric's Sacred MaceCleric's Sacred Mace173155WFavor Points purchase
Cloud BringerCloud Bringer281130SCrate purchase - Balanced
Cloud CallerCloud Caller155320SSupplied when you buy the level 1850 character type Cloudwalker Viking
Crate purchase - Uncommon
Cloud CloakCloud Cloak238238WSupplied when you buy the level 1850 character type Cloudwalker Viking
Crate purchase - Uncommon
Cloud LanceCloud Lance320155WSupplied when you buy the level 1850 character type Cloudwalker Viking
Crate purchase - Uncommon
Cloud PlateCloud Plate130281WFavor Points purchase
Coldwind SpearColdwind Spear218218WCrate purchase - Common
Conqueror DevilhelmConqueror Devilhelm178408WSupplied when you buy the level 5400 character type Conqueror Viking
Conqueror LongswordConqueror Longsword331255WSupplied when you buy the level 5400 character type Conqueror Viking
Corslet of WisdomCorslet of Wisdom409341WCrate purchase - Legendary
Crab WarriorCrab Warrior287362WFavor Points purchase
CranequinCranequin255112WFavor Points purchase
CrankbowCrankbow226110WFavor Points purchase
Crimson GreatbowCrimson Greatbow394171WFavor Points purchase
Crimson MistressCrimson Mistress246319SFavor Points purchase
CrossfangCrossfang315126WCrate purchase - Common
CrossguardCrossguard106260WCrate purchase
Crown KnightCrown Knight305235SFavor Points purchase
Crown of the FreeCrown of the Free438209WFavor Points purchase
CrownbladeCrownblade235305WFavor Points purchase
Crystal GauntletsCrystal Gauntlets164372WFavor Points purchase
Cup O KindnessCup O Kindness296296WFavor Points purchase
Cursed BuckCursed Buck362448SLimited Time - January 2017
Cursed BuckhelmCursed Buckhelm405405WLimited Time - January 2017
Cypher ShieldCypher Shield292643WCrate purchase - Legendary
Dark CommanderDark Commander260160SFavor Points purchase
Dark DruidDark Druid346150SCrate purchase
Dark Elf SwordDark Elf Sword147130WFavor Points purchase
Dark RangerDark Ranger159359SFavor Points purchase
Dark ReaperDark Reaper371163SCrate purchase - Rare
Darkest Knight PlateDarkest Knight Plate127256SFavor Points purchase
Darkest KnightDarkest Knight256127SFavor Points purchase
Darkness FiendDarkness Fiend537275SLimited Time - January 2017
Darkstrike KatanaDarkstrike Katana290290W
Dawn Walker ShieldDawn Walker Shield419333WLimited time - June 2016
Dawn Walker SwordDawn Walker Sword376376WLimited time - June 2016
Dawn WalkerDawn Walker507245SLimited time - June 2016
DeathcorpsDeathcorps395490SLimited Quantity - January 2017
Deathdance ScimitarDeathdance Scimitar283283WCrate purchase - Rare
Defender of LoveDefender of Love445445SLimited Quantity - February 2017
Demon CrownDemon Crown144221WFavor Points purchase
Demon KingDemon King221144SFavor Points purchase
Demon SirdarDemon Sirdar358763SCrate purchase - Legendary May 2017
Demon SpearDemon Spear148337WFavor Points purchase
Demon StaghelmDemon Staghelm337148WFavor Points purchase
Demon StagmanDemon Stagman341145SFavor Points purchase
Demon Summon HarpDemon Summon Harp100307WFavor Points purchase
Demonsoul SwordDemonsoul Sword302302WFavor Points purchase
Devil KnivesDevil Knives307100WCrate purchase
Devil ThaneDevil Thane307100SCrate purchase
Disco MaceDisco Mace239238WFavor Points purchase
Disgruntled SheepDisgruntled Sheep419190SFavor Points purchase
Distant WarriorDistant Warrior310239SFavor Points purchase
Doom HammerDoom Hammer250127WFavor Points purchase
Doombringer AxeDoombringer Axe256145WFavor Points purchase
Doombringer PlateDoombringer Plate145256WFavor Points purchase
DoombringerDoombringer178223SFavor Points purchase
DoublecrossDoublecross260106WFavor Points purchase
Dove AvengerDove Avenger543281SLimited Time - February 2017
Dove PendantDove Pendant206257WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Dragon EggsDragon Eggs309606WLimited Quantity - May 2017
Dragon KillerDragon Killer342130SFavor Points purchase
Dragonfire StaffDragonfire Staff314242WCrate purchase - Rare
Dragonhunter TunicDragonhunter Tunic236236WFavor Points purchase
Dragonmount RiderDragonmount Rider314242SCrate purchase - Rare
Dragonscale CloakDragonscale Cloak242314WFavor Points purchase
DragonstaffDragonstaff165306WFavor Points purchase
Draug GuantletDraug Guantlet155200WFavor Points purchase
Draug MoundwellerDraug Moundweller200155SFavor Points purchase
Dreadlord ArmorDreadlord Armor127250WFavor Points purchase
Drinking BuddyDrinking Buddy297297SFavor Points purchase
Dual HammersDual Hammers255159WCrate purchase - Attack
Dual WaraxesDual Waraxes253253WFavor Points purchase
Duelling DaggersDuelling Daggers290165WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Duelling RapierDuelling Rapier325411WFavor Points purchase
Dwaren ChainmailDwaren Chainmail143161WFavor Points purchase
Dwarfen ChestplateDwarfen Chestplate408408WLimited Time - January 2017
Dwarfmight WarriorDwarfmight Warrior194194SCrate item and an Elixer of the Gods reward
Dwarven ChainmailDwarven Chainmail143161WFavor Points purchase
Dwarven HauberkDwarven Hauberk141156WFavor Points purchase
Dwarven HeroDwarven Hero451365SLimited Time - January 2017
Eagle GuardianEagle Guardian161369SFavor Points purchase
Eagle HornEagle Horn270100WFavor Points purchase
Eagle QuiverEagle Quiver369161WFavor Points purchase
Ealdorman HelmEaldorman Helm249511WLimited time - July 2016
Ealdorman SwordEaldorman Sword337423WLimited time - July 2016
EaldormanEaldorman380380SLimited time - July 2016
Earl of NorwayEarl of Norway225142SFavor Points purchase
Earth GoddessEarth Goddess406503SLimited Quantity - April 2017
Earth WatcherEarth Watcher116366SCrate purchase
Earthen SlingshotEarthen Slingshot455455WLimited Quantity - April 2017
Egg AvengerEgg Avenger260256WFavor Points purchase
Eldar ThaneEldar Thane523227SCrate purchase - Legendary
Elder VampireElder Vampire345267SFavor Points purchase
Elder VampireElder Vampire345267SCrate purchase - Rare, May 2017
Elderwood StaffElderwood Staff27190WFavor Points purchase
Elven FarstrikerElven Farstriker276276SFavor Points purchase
Elven Forest KingElven Forest King466466SLimited Quantity - July 2017
Elven LongbowElven Longbow276276WFavor Points purchase
Elven NightshadeElven Nightshade244316SFavor Points purchase
Enchanted Monk RobesEnchanted Monk Robes247320WFavor Points purchase
EnchanterEnchanter353353SFavor Points purchase
Enraged SpiritEnraged Spirit330118SCrate purchase - Uncommon
Equinox BladeEquinox Blade112110WFavor Points purchase
EveEve83310SCrate purchase
Execution BladeExecution Blade563289WLimited Time - June 2017
Executioner HelmExecutioner Helm426426WLimited Time - June 2017
Fafnirs Dragon ShieldFafnirs Dragon Shield2826W
Fallen StarFallen Star130206WFavor Points purchase
Fang DaggerFang Dagger209272WFavor Points purchase
Fangs of AnubisFangs of Anubis343343WFavor Points purchase
Far ShooterFar Shooter105231SFavor Points purchase
Farflinger CaptainFarflinger Captain178251SCrate purchase - Common
Farflinger SpearFarflinger Spear266163WFavor Points purchase
Farstrider ArmorFarstrider Armor110233WFavor Points purchase
FarstriderFarstrider190153SFavor Points purchase
Farstrike PlateFarstrike Plate276276WFavor Points purchase
FathershieldFathershield267267WFavor Points purchase
FatherspearFatherspear267267WFavor Points purchase
Feather MaidenFeather Maiden257206SCrate purchase - Uncommon
Feather TunicFeather Tunic128310WCrate purchase - Common
FeatherspearFeatherspear257206WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Featherspell BootsFeatherspell Boots131300WCrate purchase - Common
Featherweight GlaiveFeatherweight Glaive412412WLimited Time - February 2017
Fell HammerFell Hammer391391WFavor Points purchase
Fell HelmFell Helm348434WFavor Points purchase
Fenrir HelmFenrir Helm130137WFavor Points purchase
Fenrir SwordFenrir Sword139127WFavor Points purchase
Festive DancerFestive Dancer457457SLimited Quantity - May 2017
Fiend BladeFiend Blade406406WLimited Time - January 2017
Fiery GauntletFiery Gauntlet366452WLimited Time - February 2017
Fine PikeFine Pike30095WFavor Points purchase
Finns BladeFinns Blade271346WFavor Points purchase
Finns HelmFinns Helm194423WFavor Points purchase
Fireball MaceFireball Mace295150WCrate purchase - Common
Firetongue BladeFiretongue Blade296229WFavor Points purchase
Fishing PoleFishing Pole313614WLimited Quantity - June 2017
Flame AngelFlame Angel229296SFavor Points purchase
Flame BrandFlame Brand409409WLimited Time - February 2017
Flame MailFlame Mail121297WCrate purchase
Flame MasterFlame Master250250SFavor Points purchase
Flame TunicFlame Tunic150295WCrate purchase - Common
FlamekeeperFlamekeeper95301SFavor Points purchase
FlamestaffFlamestaff297121WFavor Points purchase
Flameweaver GauntletFlameweaver Gauntlet250250WFavor Points purchase
Flaming ImpFlaming Imp147211SFavor Points purchase
Flaming SpearFlaming Spear392198WCrate purchase - Attack
FlexbowFlexbow176170WThe Flexbow and the Bowmaster Flexbow are probably duplicates as they have the same image and stats.
Floral CrownFloral Crown308605WLimited Quantity - May 2017
Flying MonkeyFlying Monkey428187SFavor Points purchase
Flying MonkeyFlying Monkey428187SCrate purchase - Rare, May 2017
Force KnightForce Knight431202SFavor Points purchase
Forefather BladeForefather Blade220139WFavor Points purchase
Forest HelmForest Helm125290WFavor Points purchase
Forest King CrownForest King Crown516415WLimited Quantity - July 2017
Forest King StaffForest King Staff618313WLimited Quantity - July 2017
ForestwalkerForestwalker28081SFavor Points purchase
Forsaken SwordForsaken Sword188140WOriginal stats. were [138/90]
Fortified CuffFortified Cuff453453WLimited Quantity - April 2017
Foxling BucklerFoxling Buckler354354WFavor Points purchase
Foxling FangFoxling Fang485223WFavor Points purchase
Freedom FighterFreedom Fighter324324SFavor Points purchase
Freedom GuardianFreedom Guardian300124SFavor Points purchase
Frigga's ArmorFrigga's Armor140186WFavor Points purchase
Frog DartsFrog Darts198427WFavor Points purchase
Frog WalkersFrog Walkers313313WFavor Points purchase
Frore AxesFrore Axes380298WFavor Points purchase
Frore DancerFrore Dancer339339SFavor Points purchase
Frore ShieldFrore Shield462216WFavor Points purchase
Frost GauntletsFrost Gauntlets284219WFavor Points purchase
FrostmageFrostmage219284SFavor Points purchase
Frostwizard StaffFrostwizard Staff219284WFavor Points purchase
Frozen BladeFrozen Blade198150WFavor Points purchase
Frozen Frost WightFrozen Frost Wight148200SFavor Points purchase
Frozen Glacial ShieldFrozen Glacial Shield150198WFavor Points purchase
Fungi MantleFungi Mantle33636WFavor Points purchase
Futuresight VisorFuturesight Visor211242WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Garish Carrot SwordGarish Carrot Sword602305WLimited Quantity - April 2017
Gemstone MinerGemstone Miner402176SFavor Points purchase
Generals HelmGenerals Helm170190WFavor Points purchase
Geriatric Clan LeaderGeriatric Clan Leader460460SLimited Quantity - May 2017
Ghostly BowGhostly Bow330118WCrate purchase - Common
Ghostly ChainGhostly Chain320138WCrate purchase - Uncommon
GhoulreaverGhoulreaver356156WFavor Points purchase
Glacier BladesGlacier Blades280217WFavor Points purchase
Gladiator FistbladesGladiator Fistblades147180WOriginally [97/130]
Gladiator SpearGladiator Spear441441WLimited Quantity - January 2017
GladiatorGladiator11292SFavor Points purchase
Glass ArmorGlass Armor140222WFavor Points purchase
Glass BladeGlass Blade222140WFavor Points purchase
Glass WarriorGlass Warrior222140SFavor Points purchase
Globe of the EnchanterGlobe of the Enchanter484222WFavor Points purchase
Glorified ChampionGlorified Champion553283SLimited Time - April 2017
Gnarled StaffGnarled Staff470380WLimited Time - June 2017
GnawtoothGnawtooth283358WFavor Points purchase
Goatskull AmuletGoatskull Amulet118330WCrate purchase - Uncommon
GoedendagGoedendag185184WFavor Points purchase
Gold Tower ShieldGold Tower Shield171390WCrate purchase - Rare
Golden DemonGolden Demon390171SCrate purchase - Rare
Golden GlaiveGolden Glaive295584WLimited Quantity - January 2017
Golden HelmGolden Helm130137WFavor Points purchase
GoldstrikeGoldstrike390171SCrate purchase - Rare
Gore GutterGore Gutter313100WCrate purchase
Gorsack The HunterGorsack The Hunter200189SFavor Points purchase
Grail-shaped BeaconGrail-shaped Beacon348273WFavor Points purchase
GramGram206142WFavor Points purchase
Greek SwordGreek Sword190170WFavor Points purchase
Green MambaGreen Mamba535276WCrate purchase - Legendary
Grudge ThundererGrudge Thunderer496399WLimited Quantity - March 2017
Grudgebearer DwarfGrudgebearer Dwarf448448SLimited Quantity - March 2017
Grudgebearing MaulGrudgebearing Maul594301WLimited Quantity - March 2017
Gryphon RiderGryphon Rider160175SFavor Points purchase
Guard BearGuard Bear299588SLimited Quantity - February 2017
Guardian SpiritGuardian Spirit303234WFavor Points purchase
Guardians BowGuardians Bow367453WLimited Time - February 2017
Guild PatriarchGuild Patriarch463463SLimited Quantity - June 2017
Guru GarbGuru Garb150179WFavor Points purchase
Haakon SigurdssHaakon Sigurdss185184SFavor Points purchase
Hair of the DogHair of the Dog182411WFavor Points purchase
Halfling RogueHalfling Rogue168384SCrate purchase - Rare
Half-orc RangerHalf-orc Ranger439353SFavor Points purchase
Hammer TimeHammer Time501404WLimited Quantity - April 2017
Harvest SickleHarvest Sickle346346WFavor Points purchase
Haunted AmuletHaunted Amulet138320WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Hawk GlaiveHawk Glaive290200WFavor Points purchase
Hawk HelmHawk Helm148225WFavor Points purchase
Hawk MistressHawk Mistress291201SFavor Points purchase
Hawk Stealth HelmHawk Stealth Helm200290WFavor Points purchase
Head CollectorHead Collector166384SFavor Points purchase
Healing HerbalistHealing Herbalist609308SLimited Quantity - May 2017
Healing StaffHealing Staff288558WLimited Time - May 2017
Heart AxeHeart Axe300100WFavor Points purchase
HeartbowHeartbow279216WFavor Points purchase
Heartstrike RapierHeartstrike Rapier376165WCrate purchase - Rare
Hearty ChalupaHearty Chalupa408505WLimited Quantity - May 2017
Heaven HammerHeaven Hammer280155WCrate purchase
Heaven ShieldHeaven Shield155280WCrate purchase - Common
Heavenfire AxeHeavenfire Axe320155WSupplied when you buy the level 1850 character type Demigod Viking
Heavenly ChampionHeavenly Champion141281SFavor Points purchase
Heavens ReachHeavens Reach286221WFavor Points purchase
Hedge Mage ClawHedge Mage Claw503241WFavor Points purchase
Hellfire MistressHellfire Mistress420183SFavor Points purchase
Hellion CircletHellion Circlet375375WLimited time - June 2016
Hellion LashHellion Lash244506WLimited time - June 2016
HellionHellion332418SLimited time - June 2016
HellmaidenHellmaiden313100SCrate purchase - Attack
Hellqueen PlateHellqueen Plate165377WFavor Points purchase
HellqueenHellqueen377165SFavor Points purchase
HellshieldHellshield100313WCrate purchase
Helm of the BeefHelm of the Beef378378WLimited time - July 2016
Helm of the StormHelm of the Storm354279WFavor Points purchase
Helmdall's BladeHelmdall's Blade198140WFavor Points purchase
Helmdall's SentinelHelmdall's Sentinel169169SFavor Points purchase
HepaticaHepatica493398SLimited Quantity - February 2017
Heraldric ShieldHeraldric Shield452452WLimited Time - March 2017
Herbalist SatchelHerbalist Satchel459459WLimited Quantity - May 2017
HerbalistHerbalist315315SFavor Points purchase
Hero GauntletsHero Gauntlets386194WCrate item and Elixir of the Gods reward
Herring CharmHerring Charm403177WFavor Points purchase
Hex WitchHex Witch303303SFavor Points purchase
Hexennial GolemHexennial Golem376294SSix year iron anniversary item.
High DemonHigh Demon198392SCrate purchase
High PlateHigh Plate211211WFavor Points purchase
HighguardHighguard211211SFavor Points purchase
Hogmanay ClaymoreHogmanay Claymore403403WLimited Time - December 2016
Hogmanay CloakHogmanay Cloak360446WLimited Time - December 2016
Hogmanay PerformerHogmanay Performer272534SLimited Time - December 2016
Holiday CrossbowHoliday Crossbow275117WFavor Points purchase
Holiday HornHoliday Horn402402WLimited Time - December 2016
Holiday ProtectorHoliday Protector275117SFavor Points purchase
Holly BladesHolly Blades438438WLimited Quantity - December 2016
Holly CrownHolly Crown408179WFavor Points purchase
Holly DruidHolly Druid294294SFavor Points purchase
Holly MorningstarHolly Morningstar331256WFavor Points purchase
Holy GrenadeHoly Grenade311311WFavor Points purchase
Holy PaladinHoly Paladin224290SFavor Points purchase
Holy PolearmHoly Polearm571293WLimited Time - July 2017
Holy TowershieldHoly Towershield290224WFavor Points purchase
Hoof KnifeHoof Knife611310WLimited Quantity - June 2017
Hoplite HelmHoplite Helm246508WFavor Points purchase
HopliteHoplite337337SFavor Points purchase
Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty291291WFavor Points purchase
HounskullHounskull143225WFavor Points purchase
HrimfaxiHrimfaxi413184SFavor Points purchase
Hybrid ArmorHybrid Armor109214W
Hypnosis ShieldHypnosis Shield286286WFavor Points purchase
HypnotistHypnotist249322SFavor Points purchase
Ice Crystal StaffIce Crystal Staff361447WLimited Time - January 2017
Ice DemonIce Demon340126S
Ice DrakeIce Drake237308SCrate purchase - Rare
Ice GauntletsIce Gauntlets273535WLimited Time - January 2017
Icicle AxeIcicle Axe340126W
Immaculate ArmorImmaculate Armor462462WLimited Quantity - June 2017
Immaculate HelmImmaculate Helm412511WLimited Quantity - June 2017
Immaculate WarriorImmaculate Warrior311612SLimited Quantity - June 2017
Immortal Antler HelmImmortal Antler Helm84150WFavor Points purchase
ImmortalImmortal117117SFavor Points purchase
Imperial PlateImperial Plate80150WFavor Points purchase
Incense BurnerIncense Burner406177WFavor Points purchase
Independance HelmetIndependance Helmet617312SLimited Quantity - June 2017
Independance ShieldIndependance Shield331417WFavor Points purchase
Independence SoliderIndependence Solider269269SFavor Points purchase
Inferno AngelInferno Angel407407SLimited Time - January 2017
Inferno ScimitarInferno Scimitar386735WCrate purchase - Legendary May 2017
Inferno ScougeInferno Scouge238238SSupplied when you buy the level 1850 character type Demigod Viking
Crate purchase - Uncommon
Crate purchase - Common (May, 2016)
Infernus ShieldInfernus Shield155320WSupplied when you buy the level 1850 character type Demigod Viking
Crate purchase - Uncommon
Crate purchase - Common (May, 2016)
Inflatable HammerInflatable Hammer252258WFavor Points purchase
Irish ArmorIrish Armor125146WFavor Points purchase
Ironstone BreastplateIronstone Breastplate159255WCrate purchase
Ironwood ArmorIronwood Armor90271WFavor Points purchase
Ivory AxeIvory Axe30090WFavor Points purchase
Ivory BowIvory Bow369161WFavor Points purchase
Ivory BreastplateIvory Breastplate90300WFavor Points purchase
Ivory PlateIvory Plate163371WCrate purchase - Rare
Ivory WildlingIvory Wildling30090SFavor Points purchase
Jack FrostJack Frost150189SFavor Points purchase
Jack O HelmJack O Helm250323WFavor Points purchase
Jackal AssassinJackal Assassin212474SFavor Points purchase
Jacob the RamJacob the Ram591302SLimited Quantity - February 2017
Jaguar HeadpieceJaguar Headpiece197220WFavor Points purchase
Jarl HelmJarl Helm145204WFavor Points purchase
JarlJarl204145SFavor Points purchase
JawbreakerJawbreaker316316WFavor Points purchase
Jellicle CatJellicle Cat335260SFavor Points purchase
Jester MaceJester Mace212200WCrate purchase - Balanced
Jotnar HunterJotnar Hunter14495SFavor Points purchase
Judges HelmJudges Helm126250WCrate purchase
Just ChampionJust Champion229177SCrate purchase
Kano Battle AxeKano Battle Axe14590WFavor Points purchase
Kano FlailKano Flail200105W
Kano GolemKano Golem153153W
Kano Love BucklerKano Love Buckler231224SFavor Points purchase
Kano ShieldKano Shield108108WFavor Points purchase
Kano's LongshipKano's Longship114114WFavor Points purchase
King GuardKing Guard275104SFavor Points purchase
Kingcrown HelmKingcrown Helm235305WFavor Points purchase
KingfatherKingfather267267SFavor Points purchase
Kingly ClaymoreKingly Claymore275104WFavor Points purchase
King's DrapaKing's Drapa348348WFavor Points purchase
KingspearKingspear211211WFavor Points purchase
KopisKopis420334WFavor Points purchase
Kraken ArmorKraken Armor237543WCrate purchase - Legendary
KrampusKrampus350350SFavor Points purchase
Kul's Jarl VladerKul's Jarl Vlader187187SFavor Points purchase
Lady of MistLady of Mist320138SCrate purchase - Uncommon
Lady of PreyLady of Prey458370SLimited Time - March 2017
LampstandLampstand390304WFavor Points purchase
Leafblade ArrowsLeafblade Arrows225148WFavor Points purchase
Leap Year DragoonLeap Year Dragoon359359WFavor Points purchase
Leap Year LanceLeap Year Lance402316WFavor Points purchase
Leatherwork VestementsLeatherwork Vestements469379WLimited Time - May 2017
Legacy AegisLegacy Aegis139220WFavor Points purchase
Legendary BrawlerLegendary Brawler223223SCrate purchase - Common
Legendary ClaymoreLegendary Claymore223223WCrate purchase - Common
Legendweaver MaceLegendweaver Mace320155WSupplied when you buy the level 1850 character type Songweaver Viking
Crate purchase - Uncommon
Leo BowLeo Bow329329WFavor Points purchase
Leo BreachesLeo Breaches366291WFavor Points purchase
Liberty StarLiberty Star300124WFavor Points purchase
Libra ScalesLibra Scales207469WFavor Points purchase
Libra SpathaLibra Spatha295381WFavor Points purchase
Lightning CudgelLightning Cudgel555285WLimited Time - April 2017
Lil Red Bow and QuiverLil Red Bow and Quiver407504WLimited Quantity - April 2017
Lil Red ExecutorLil Red Executor456456WLimited Quantity - April 2017
Lil Red HunterLil Red Hunter307604SLimited Quantity - April 2017
Lilytoxin BowLilytoxin Bow320320WFavor Points purchase
Lion KnightLion Knight304304SFavor Points purchase
Lionheart AxeLionheart Axe343264WFavor Points purchase
LionhelmLionhelm185422WFavor Points purchase - Limited Quantity
Liquid CourageLiquid Courage469215WCrate purchase - Legendary
Loki JesterLoki Jester206206SFavor Points purchase
Lone WarriorLone Warrior218218WCrate purchase - Common
LongstridersLongstriders112255WFavor Points purchase
Look at this NetLook at this Net402499WLimited Quantity - March 2017
LopperLopper185145WFavor Points purchase
Lord KanoLord Kano105105SFavor Points purchase
Lordly HelmLordly Helm124250WFavor Points purchase
Lordly PikeLordly Pike187187WFavor Points purchase
LorekeeperLorekeeper465203SFavor Points purchase
Lost WarriorLost Warrior585296SLimited Quantity - January 2017
Love ArmourLove Armour279541WLimited Time - February 2017
Love GuardianLove Guardian410410SLimited Time - February 2017
Love PendantLove Pendant300589WLimited Quantity - February 2017
Love ShieldLove Shield100300WFavor Points purchase
Loyal HuskarlLoyal Huskarl235118SFavor Points purchase
Loyal WarriorLoyal Warrior199428SFavor Points purchase
Lucid AmuletLucid Amulet264339WFavor Points purchase
Luminous SwordLuminous Sword317317WFavor Points purchase
LycanbladeLycanblade287287WFavor Points purchase
LycanknightLycanknight398175SFavor Points purchase
Lycanslash GauntletLycanslash Gauntlet144281WFavor Points purchase
Macavity ClawsMacavity Claws412183WFavor Points purchase
Magi CloakMagi Cloak562288WLimited Time - June 2017
MagiMagi329254SFavor Points purchase
Magic TwisterMagic Twister237307SFavor Points purchase
Magic WhipMagic Whip389171WFavor Points purchase
Magma ShieldMagma Shield120140WFavor Points purchase
Magma Sprite BladeMagma Sprite Blade243244WFavor Points purchase
Magma Sprite MaskMagma Sprite Mask238250WFavor Points purchase
Magma SpriteMagma Sprite245244SFavor Points purchase
Malevolent AxeMalevolent Axe515253WLimited time - August 2016
Malevolent CrownMalevolent Crown384384WLimited time - August 2016
Malevolent WarlordMalevolent Warlord427341SLimited time - August 2016
Mantis BladeMantis Blade330131WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Mantis QueenMantis Queen330131SCrate purchase - Uncommon
Mantis ShieldMantis Shield131330WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Mantle of TenacityMantle of Tenacity276351WFavor Points purchase
Maquahuitl Mayan ClubMaquahuitl Mayan Club220197WFavor Points purchase
Marked GreatswordMarked Greatsword615320WCrate purchase - Legendary
Mask of the OwlMask of the Owl310310WFavor Points purchase
Master ClericMaster Cleric234303SFavor Points purchase
Master DuellerMaster Dueller165290WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Master HunterMaster Hunter561287SLimited Time - May 2017
Master of FlamesMaster of Flames278540SLimited Time - February 2017
Master RangerMaster Ranger127251SFavor Points purchase
Master TrapperMaster Trapper384169SFavor Points purchase
Master WarlockMaster Warlock110262SFavor Points purchase
MaulerMauler182182WFavor Points purchase
Mayan WarriorMayan Warrior220197SFavor Points purchase
MelancholiaMelancholia389484SLimited Quantity - December 2016
MerrymakerMerrymaker563248SCrate purchase - Legendary
Meteor HelmetMeteor Helmet331331WFavor Points purchase
Mighty PilgrimMighty Pilgrim305164SFavor Points purchase
Mirror BreakerMirror Breaker265340WFavor Points purchase
Mist GasherMist Gasher280542WLimited Time - February 2017
Mist MantleMist Mantle411411WLimited Time - February 2017
Mist StridersMist Striders140335WFavor Points purchase
Mist WardMist Ward238238SFavor Points purchase
MisthammerMisthammer335140WFavor Points purchase
Mistress of FlamesMistress of Flames150295SCrate purchase - Common
Mistress of IceMistress of Ice404404SLimited Time - January 2017
Mistress of SteelMistress of Steel257257SCrate purchase - Rare
MistweaverMistweaver368454SLimited Time - February 2017
Mocking HawkMocking Hawk385299WCrate purchase - Legendary
Molten SpiritMolten Spirit297121SFavor Points purchase
MonkspearMonkspear284284WFavor Points purchase
Moonshard ShieldMoonshard Shield247236WFavor Points purchase
MoonsliceMoonslice241242WFavor Points purchase
MoonspriteMoonsprite237247SFavor Points purchase
MossplateMossplate270280WCrate purchase - Rare
Mother MaceMother Mace348174WFavor Points purchase
Mother of DragonsMother of Dragons506409SLimited Quantity - May 2017
Mother Winter PlateMother Winter Plate196247WCrate purchase - Common
Motherly MaceMotherly Mace270148WFavor Points purchase
Motherly ShieldMotherly Shield174348WFavor Points purchase
Mothers Magic RingMothers Magic Ring148270WFavor Points purchase
Mountain KnightMountain Knight285285SFavor Points purchase
MountaincrusherMountaincrusher321248WFavor Points purchase
Munkustrap ShieldMunkustrap Shield298298WFavor Points purchase
Myrkr and KveykvaMyrkr and Kveykva445201SJanuary 2015 Item Creation Contest Myrkr and Kveykva Warrior suggested by @GoddessFreyja
Necromancer DiscipleNecromancer Disciple191191SFavor Points purchase
Necromancer RingNecromancer Ring191191WFavor Points purchase
Necromancer SwordNecromancer Sword225157WFavor Points purchase
Necromancer TotemNecromancer Totem715375WCrate purchase - Legendary, March 2017
Necromancer TreadsNecromancer Treads347743WCrate purchase - Legendary, March 2017
Netherworld RobesNetherworld Robes140188WFavor Points purchase
New Year's QueenNew Year's Queen240240SFavor Points purchase
Niceras SlayerNiceras Slayer312312SFavor Points purchase
Niceras ToothNiceras Tooth432191WFavor Points purchase
Nightfire BladeNightfire Blade215125WFavor Points purchase
Nightshade DaggerNightshade Dagger217200WFavor Points purchase
Nightshade TunicNightshade Tunic200217WFavor Points purchase
NightstalkerNightstalker217200SCrate purchase - Balanced
Nordri's StaffNordri's Staff190150WFavor Points purchase
Nott MaskNott Mask336261WFavor Points purchase
Notts WhipNotts Whip299299WFavor Points purchase
Oak Moon PendantOak Moon Pendant414185WFavor Points purchase
Oak Moon ThegnOak Moon Thegn300300SFavor Points purchase
OakenbowOakenbow337262WFavor Points purchase
Occultist GarbOccultist Garb554284WLimited Time - April 2017
OccultistOccultist419419SLimited Time - April 2017
Octennial CephalosoldierOctennial Cephalosoldier498402SLimited Time - March 2017
Eigth birthday item
Olympia ChampionOlympia Champion343150SFavor Points purchase
Olympia JavelinOlympia Javelin343150WFavor Points purchase
Olympia ShieldOlympia Shield150343WFavor Points purchase
One Handed ScytheOne Handed Scythe508409WLimited Quantity - May 2017
Orc IronbladeOrc Ironblade264264WFavor Points purchase
Orc IronfistsOrc Ironfists264264WFavor Points purchase
Orc IronheartOrc Ironheart264264SFavor Points purchase
Orcfang BowOrcfang Bow200189WFavor Points purchase
OrchelmOrchelm152349WFavor Points purchase
Orcish HammerOrcish Hammer349152WFavor Points purchase
Orcplate GreavesOrcplate Greaves189200WFavor Points purchase
OutriderOutrider126226SFavor Points purchase
Owlen GuiseOwlen Guise377465WLimited Time - May 2017
Owlen HeraldOwlen Herald286556SLimited Time - May 2017
Owlen StaffOwlen Staff421421WLimited Time - May 2017
Paladin ExecutorPaladin Executor221286SFavor Points purchase
Pale HorsePale Horse420191WFavor Points purchase
PannzarPannzar176176WFavor Points purchase
Panthera BootsPanthera Boots345345WFavor Points purchase
Panthera GlaivePanthera Glaive214476WFavor Points purchase
Panthera VanguardPanthera Vanguard302388SFavor Points purchase
ParadisianParadisian454208SFavor Points purchase
Party BardParty Bard358276SFavor Points purchase
Party HelmParty Helm317317WFavor Points purchase
Party ShieldParty Shield168310WFavor Points purchase
Party TorchParty Torch440194WFavor Points purchase
Pendant of ProtectionPendant of Protection509410WLimited Quantity - May 2017
Phalanx ArmorPhalanx Armor95300WFavor Points purchase
Phalanx CommanderPhalanx Commander30095SCrate purchase
Phoenix ShieldPhoenix Shield138146WFavor Points purchase
PileusPileus446446WLimited Quantity - February 2017
Pilgrim BladePilgrim Blade164305W
Pincer GauntletsPincer Gauntlets329254WCrate Purchase - Rare
PincushionPincushion245318SCrate purchase - Rare
Prankster HelmPrankster Helm200212WFavor Points purchase
Preying BladePreying Blade547281WLimited Time - March 2017
Preying ShieldPreying Shield414414WLimited Time - March 2017
Princess of WisdomPrincess of Wisdom500403SLimited Time - March 2017
Prophet WarriorProphet Warrior155280SCrate purchase - Common
Provocator HelmProvocator Helm294369WFavor Points purchase
Pyre BladePyre Blade450364WLimited Time - January 2017
PyrotechnicianPyrotechnician308394SFavor Points purchase
Queen BladeQueen Blade214130WFavor Points purchase
Queen MotherQueen Mother148270SFavor Points purchase
Queen PlateQueen Plate130214WFavor Points purchase
Queenly PlateQueenly Plate156353WFavor Points purchase
Quickblade GauntletsQuickblade Gauntlets165180WFavor Points purchase
QuickbladeQuickblade180165WFavor Points purchase
QuickstrikerQuickstriker235110SFavor Points purchase
Rabbit KingRabbit King260256SFavor Points purchase
Raider SpearRaider Spear190164WFavor Points purchase
Raider's BracersRaider's Bracers164190WFavor Points purchase
Raiment of ReturnRaiment of Return311406WCrate purchase - Legendary
Ram FlailRam Flail447447WLimited Quantity - February 2017
Ram HelmRam Helm494399WLimited Quantity - February 2017
Ranger AxeRanger Axe359159WFavor Points purchase
Ransack AxemanRansack Axeman442196SFavor Points purchase
Ransack BladeRansack Blade319319WFavor Points purchase
Ransack ShipRansack Ship278360WFavor Points purchase
Ratfang AxeRatfang Axe342148WCrate purchase
Raven ManRaven Man310128SCrate purchase - Common
Raven WingRaven Wing225143WFavor Points purchase
RazorclubRazorclub318246WFavor Points purchase
Reaper AxeReaper Axe221144WFavor Points purchase
Reaping BladeReaping Blade415415WLimited Time - March 2017
Reaping CountenanceReaping Countenance371458WLimited Time - March 2017
Reaping MercenaryReaping Mercenary282548SLimited Time - March 2017
Red BladeRed Blade343268WFavor Points purchase
Regal BladeRegal Blade427427WLimited Time - June 2017
Regal BlouseRegal Blouse283549WLimited Time - March 2017
Regal HelmRegal Helm382472WLimited Time - June 2017
Regal HersirRegal Hersir403317SFavor Points purchase
Regal KnightRegal Knight416416SLimited Time - March 2017
Regal MaulRegal Maul491229WFavor Points purchase
Regal PolearmRegal Polearm372460WLimited Time - March 2017
Regal WarriorRegal Warrior290564SLimited Time - June 2017
Reigning MonarchReigning Monarch400497SLimited Quantity - March 2017
Reindeer FarrierReindeer Farrier411510SLimited Quantity - June 2017
Reindeer FursReindeer Furs330255WFavor Points purchase
Reindeer LashReindeer Lash293293WFavor Points purchase
Reindeer Nail ClincherReindeer Nail Clincher461461WLimited Quantity - June 2017
Reindeer NomadReindeer Nomad407178SFavor Points purchase
RevelerReveler439439SLimited Quantity - December 2016
RhiknightRhiknight293226SFavor Points purchase
Rhino HammerRhino Hammer226293WFavor Points purchase
RhinohelmRhinohelm293226WFavor Points purchase
Ring of FireRing of Fire146250WFavor Points purchase
Ring of RomanceRing of Romance304304WFavor Points purchase
Robes of the EruditeRobes of the Erudite363363WFavor Points purchase
Robes of the MagiRobes of the Magi292292WFavor Points purchase
Roman ShieldRoman Shield488393WLimited Quantity - January 2017
Romantic BardRomantic Bard341266SFavor Points purchase
Romantic FaeringRomantic Faering418189WFavor Points purchase
Rotten CannonRotten Cannon304597WLimited Quantity - March 2017
Rotten ScoundrelRotten Scoundrel451451SLimited Quantity - March 2017
Roving CharmRoving Charm148165WSupplied when you buy the level 100 character type Pathfinder Viking
Roving LongshipRoving Longship165148WSupplied when you buy the level 100 character type Pathfinder Viking
Roving VikingRoving Viking136152SSupplied when you buy the level 100 character type Pathfinder Viking
Ruby SlippersRuby Slippers268347WCrate purchase - Rare, May 2017
RunebladeRuneblade587298WLimited Quantity - January 2017
RunewalkerRunewalker643292SCrate purchase - Legendary
Runic ShieldRunic Shield157200WFavor Points purchase
Sable CloakSable Cloak159359WFavor Points purchase
Sable SwordSable Sword256127WFavor Points purchase
Sacred VestmentsSacred Vestments177229WCrate purchase
Saga ChainSaga Chain323323WFavor Points purchase
Saga GlaiveweilderSaga Glaiveweilder282364SFavor Points purchase
Saga SwordSaga Sword200446WFavor Points purchase
Sage's DaggerSage's Dagger174149WOriginal stats were updated by 50 each
Saint NicholasSaint Nicholas293582SLimited Quantity - December 2016
Salt SpillersSalt Spillers188417WFavor Points purchase
Santa VikingSanta Viking135125SFavor Points purchase
Santa's AxeSanta's Axe153161WFavor Points purchase
Santa's BodyguardSanta's Bodyguard155135SFavor Points purchase
Santa's HelmSanta's Helm216260WFavor Points purchase
Santas SlaySantas Slay390485WLimited Quantity - December 2016
Santa's SwordSanta's Sword161153WFavor Points purchase
Sawblade ShieldSawblade Shield198453WCrate purchase - Legendary
Sawtooth SpearSawtooth Spear368283WCrate purchase - Legendary
Scarlet KnightScarlet Knight282282SFavor Points purchase
ScarletplateScarletplate283283WFavor Points purchase
Scarlett GownScarlett Gown139190WFavor Points purchase
Scimitar of the VirtuosoScimitar of the Virtuoso497235WFavor Points purchase
ScipioScipio301590WLimited Quantity - February 2017
Scorch QueenScorch Queen374126SCrate purchase - Attack
Scorching CuirassScorching Cuirass457369WLimited Time - March 2017
Scorching MorningstarScorching Morningstar546280WLimited Time - March 2017
Scorching PyromancerScorching Pyromancer413413SLimited Time - March 2017
Scorpion ChainScorpion Chain254329WCrate Purchase - Rare
Scorpion StingbladeScorpion Stingblade202202WFavor Points purchase
Scorpion WarriorScorpion Warrior202202SFavor Points purchase
ScorpitaurScorpitaur254329SCrate Purchase - Rare
Sea DragonSea Dragon230115SFavor Points purchase
Sea SwordSea Sword230147WFavor Points purchase
SeabladeSeablade310141WCrate purchase - Common
Crate purchase - Uncommon
Seafarer CloakSeafarer Cloak400174WFavor Points purchase
Seafarer NetSeafarer Net250324WFavor Points purchase
SeafarerSeafarer287287SFavor Points purchase
Seaguard GauntletsSeaguard Gauntlets141310WCrate purchase - Uncommon
SeaguardSeaguard310141SCrate purchase - Uncommon
Seamonster ScaleSeamonster Scale272351WFavor Points purchase
Seared ChestplateSeared Chestplate538276WLimited Time - January 2017
Searing DaggerSearing Dagger250146WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Searing LashSearing Lash250108WFavor Points purchase
Seasonal SaviourSeasonal Saviour445359SLimited Time - December 2016
Seaward InvaderSeaward Invader331255SSupplied when you buy the level 5400 character type Conqueror Viking
Seaweaver AmuletSeaweaver Amulet246246WFavor Points purchase
Second BreakfastSecond Breakfast294380WFavor Points purchase
Seer RobesSeer Robes287557WLimited Time - May 2017
SeerSeer422422SLimited Time - May 2017
SeidkonaSeidkona128225SFavor Points purchase
Seidr ClawSeidr Claw235118WFavor Points purchase
Seidr HeaddressSeidr Headdress118235WFavor Points purchase
Seior of DaylightSeior of Daylight193422SFavor Points purchase
SeraphSeraph279216SFavor Points purchase
Serpent FangSerpent Fang246246WCrate purchase - Common
Serpent GuardianSerpent Guardian126315WCrate purchase - Common
Serpent HelmSerpent Helm165327WCrate purchase - Common
Serpent SpiritSerpent Spirit327165SCrate purchase - Common
Shadow BracersShadow Bracers221289WCrate purchase
Shadow ChariotShadow Chariot156356WFavor Points purchase
Shadow GhoulShadow Ghoul356156SFavor Points purchase
Shadow HoodShadow Hood125255WFavor Points purchase
Shadow JesterShadow Jester258252SFavor Points purchase
Shadow KatanaShadow Katana225125WFavor Points purchase
Shadow WitchShadow Witch232201SCrate purchase - Common
Shapeshifter CloakShapeshifter Cloak76300WFavor Points purchase
Sharpcrystal SwordSharpcrystal Sword164372WFavor Points purchase
Shield of IndependenceShield of Independence515414WLimited Quantity - June 2017
Shield of IndependenceShield of Independence476384WLimited Time - July 2017
Shield of ReignShield of Reign449449WLimited Quantity - March 2017
Shining FlailShining Flail418418WLimited Time - April 2017
Shopkeep GreavesShopkeep Greaves288288WFavor Points purchase
ShopkeeperShopkeeper251325SFavor Points purchase
Siege TowerSiege Tower145140WFavor Points purchase
Silver ShooterSilver Shooter281144WFavor Points purchase
Simian CrownSimian Crown401315WFavor Points purchase
Skald FollowerSkald Follower147147SSupplied when you buy the level 100 character type Skald Viking
Skald Leather TunicSkald Leather Tunic157160WSupplied when you buy the level 100 character type Skald Viking
Skald StaffSkald Staff160157WSupplied when you buy the level 100 character type Skald Viking
Skinners KnifeSkinners Knife424424WLimited Time - May 2017
Skinning BladeSkinning Blade169384WFavor Points purchase
Skinning KnifeSkinning Knife307166WFavor Points purchase
Skraeling CoatSkraeling Coat288363WFavor Points purchase
SkullplateSkullplate443443WLimited Quantity - January 2017
Skullskream BonebootsSkullskream Boneboots178250WCrate purchase - Common
Skullskream StaffSkullskream Staff250178WCrate purchase - Common
Skullskream WarriorSkullskream Warrior250178SCrate purchase - Common
Sky PlateSky Plate420420WLimited Time - April 2017
Skyfury ChestpieceSkyfury Chestpiece619314WLimited Quantity - July 2017
Skyfury DaggerSkyfury Dagger467467WLimited Quantity - July 2017
Skyfury WarriorSkyfury Warrior416517SLimited Quantity - July 2017
Slaughter ChiefSlaughter Chief349152SFavor Points purchase
SlingbombSlingbomb339175WFavor Points purchase
Smoke WraithSmoke Wraith145205SFavor Points purchase
Snake CharmerSnake Charmer315126SCrate purchase - Common
Snake Chasing ClubSnake Chasing Club450450WLimited Quantity - March 2017
Snake Chasing HelmetSnake Chasing Helmet401498WLimited Quantity - March 2017
Snake Chasing MonkSnake Chasing Monk303596SLimited Quantity - March 2017
SnowcallerSnowcaller247196SCrate purchase - Common
Snowflake SlicerSnowflake Slicer247196WCrate purchase - Common
SnowlanceSnowlance159364WFavor Points purchase
Solstice KnifeSolstice Knife180409WFavor Points purchase
Songweaver HarpSongweaver Harp238238WSupplied when you buy the level 1850 character type Songweaver Viking
Crate purchase - Uncommon
Crate purchase - Common (May, 2016)
Sound of MelancholySound of Melancholy437437WLimited Quantity - December 2016
Sparkler ArmorSparkler Armor351351WFavor Points purchase
Sparkler RodSparkler Rod220482WFavor Points purchase
Spearmistress PlateSpearmistress Plate163266WCrate purchase - Common
Spirit VisageSpirit Visage423423WLimited Time - May 2017
SpringbladeSpringblade290125WCrate purchase
Staff of CeremonyStaff of Ceremony248563WCrate purchase - Legendary
Staff of HealingStaff of Healing303234WFavor Points purchase
Star SwordStar Sword375561WLimited Time - June 2017
Starstriped ShieldStarstriped Shield124300WCrate purchase
Starswipe AxeStarswipe Axe239310WFavor Points purchase
Steadfast WardenSteadfast Warden230492SFavor Points purchase
Steel SpiritSteel Spirit372164SFavor Points purchase
Steelskin CapeSteelskin Cape283283WCrate purchase - Rare
Steelspirit KnightSteelspirit Knight283368SCrate purchase - Legendary
Sterling ThroatguardSterling Throatguard183347WFavor Points purchase
Stone of PansophyStone of Pansophy326424WCrate purchase - Legendary
Stoneflesh BreastplateStoneflesh Breastplate119300WFavor Points purchase
Stoneheart ChampionStoneheart Champion300119SFavor Points purchase
StonehelmStonehelm162365WCrate purchase - Rare
Stonehewn GloveStonehewn Glove433347SFavor Points purchase
Stonehewn SoldierStonehewn Soldier374374SFavor Points purchase
Storm Pale TalonStorm Pale Talon448219WFavor Points purchase
Stormshock WarriorStormshock Warrior159255SCrate purchase
Stormtide GiantStormtide Giant543237SCrate purchase - Legendary
Sturdy BracersSturdy Bracers417417WLimited Time - April 2017
Sudri's FiremaceSudri's Firemace210131WFavor Points purchase
Sunburst MaceSunburst Mace281281WFavor Points purchase
SvafrlamiSvafrlami225126SFavor Points purchase
Swamp WalkersSwamp Walkers532270WLimited Time - December 2016
Sweet Tooth BanditSweet Tooth Bandit353278SFavor Points purchase
Sword DancerSword Dancer373461SLimited Time - April 2017
Sword of ReignSword of Reign595302WLimited Quantity - March 2017
Sword of the OccultSword of the Occult463375WLimited Time - April 2017
Sylvan KnightSylvan Knight242314WCrate purchase
Talon BladeTalon Blade310128WCrate purchase - Common
TankerTanker362362WFavor Points purchase
TeapotTeapot208470WFavor Points purchase
Tempest SwordTempest Sword515265WCrate purchase - Legendary
TenderizerTenderizer509247WLimited time - July 2016
Thanksgiving FlailThanksgiving Flail404178WFavor Points purchase
The BrewmasterThe Brewmaster178230SCrate purchase
The ExecutionerThe Executioner471381SLimited Time - June 2017
The Golden DoveThe Golden Dove455369WLimited Time - February 2017
The NecromancerThe Necromancer743347SCrate purchase - Legendary, March 2017
This Way That WayThis Way That Way302302SThe Viking Clan Item Creation Contest 2014! <br>
Thor&#039;s Helm 2000Thor's Helm 2000128376WFavor Points purchase
Thunder SpinnerThunder Spinner155320SSupplied when you buy the level 1850 character type Songweaver Viking
Crate purchase - Uncommon
Thunder StriderThunder Strider213213SCrate purchase - Common
Thunderking HelmThunderking Helm213213SCrate purchase - Common
ThunderstrikeThunderstrike213213WCrate purchase - Common
Time WeaverTime Weaver242211SCrate purchase - Uncommon
TimeweaverTimeweaver126378WCrate purchase
Tin Woodsman AxeTin Woodsman Axe308308WCrate purchase - Rare, May 2017
TollerToller300231SFavor Points purchase
Trained PriestessTrained Priestess379467SLimited Time - May 2017
TravellerTraveller100271SCrate purchase
Triple BowTriple Bow245318WCrate purchase - Rare
Tundra HammerTundra Hammer260138WCrate purchase
Tundra MasterTundra Master138260SFavor Points purchase
Twister CloakTwister Cloak307237WFavor Points purchase
Two-Horned HelmTwo-Horned Helm291565WLimited Time - June 2017
Two-Horned HeroTwo-Horned Hero428428SLimited Time - June 2017
Two-Horned MalletTwo-Horned Mallet383473WLimited Time - June 2017
UnferthUnferth215469WCrate purchase - Legendary
Ursa HelmUrsa Helm388170WFavor Points purchase
Utility AxeUtility Axe539277WLimited Time - January 2017
Valentine ArmorValentine Armor216279WCrate Purchase - Uncommon, March 2017
Valentine QueenValentine Queen300100WCrate purchase
Vampiric DreadplateVampiric Dreadplate306306WCrate purchase - Rare, March 2017
Vampiric SickleVampiric Sickle425187WCrate purchase - Rare, March 2017
Vengeful FeatherbowVengeful Featherbow385385WLimited time - August 2016
Vengeful MaskVengeful Mask342428WLimited time - August 2016
Venom DaggerVenom Dagger140132WFavor Points purchase
Vernal AxeVernal Axe500217WCrate purchase - Legendary
Very Special RockVery Special Rock603306WLimited Quantity - April 2017
Vestiments of the VirtuosoVestiments of the Virtuoso366366WFavor Points purchase
Vindicator HelmVindicator Helm390390WFavor Points purchase
Vindicator PikeVindicator Pike521259WFavor Points purchase
VindicatorVindicator429429WLimited Time - June 2017
Viridian PlateViridian Plate231493WFavor Points purchase
Virtuoso SwordVirtuoso Sword305598WLimited Time - March 2017
Virulent ScimitarVirulent Scimitar284550WLimited Time - April 2017
Visiting MagiVisiting Magi425425SLimited Time - June 2017
Vixen&#039;s SnakeVixen's Snake160148WFavor Points purchase
Walking StickWalking Stick610309WLimited Quantity - May 2017
Wand of the OwlWand of the Owl424195WFavor Points purchase
Wanderer GarbWanderer Garb218218WCrate purchase - Common
Warden of HeavenWarden of Heaven464376SLimited Time - April 2017
Warlock LongbladeWarlock Longblade270127WCrate purchase
WarmotherWarmother348174SFavor Points purchase
Warrior AmuletWarrior Amulet104275WFavor Points purchase
Warrior of IndependenceWarrior of Independence569291SLimited Time - July 2017
Warrior ServantWarrior Servant331255SSupplied when you buy the level 5400 character type Berserker Viking
WaterstoneWaterstone115230WFavor Points purchase
Wayfarer PlateWayfarer Plate130233WCrate purchase
Westwind SpearWestwind Spear230158WFavor Points purchase
Wetlands ArmorWetlands Armor225487WFavor Points purchase
Wetlands BladeWetlands Blade313399WFavor Points purchase
WhiteplateWhiteplate221286WFavor Points purchase
Wind CatcherWind Catcher232232SCrate purchase - Uncommon
Wind DaggersWind Daggers232232WCrate purchase - Uncommon
Wind WalkerWind Walker160138SOriginally [110/88]
Windsinger BowWindsinger Bow280280WCrate purchase
Windsinger BracersWindsinger Bracers280280WCrate purchase - Rare
WindsingerWindsinger280280SCrate purchase - Rare
Windwoven TunicWindwoven Tunic155167WOriginally [105/117]
Wing BootsWing Boots232232WCrate purchase - Uncommon
WintershieldWintershield159364WFavor Points purchase
WitchbladeWitchblade232201WCrate purchase - Common
WitchplateWitchplate201232WCrate purchase - Common
Wizard EmperorWizard Emperor300131SCrate purchase - Common
WolfhunterWolfhunter125300SFavor Points purchase
Woodcutter AxeWoodcutter Axe280270WCrate purchase - Rare
Woodlands WitchWoodlands Witch176403SCrate Purchase - Rare
Woodqueen BowWoodqueen Bow353156WFavor Points purchase
Wyvern HelmWyvern Helm570292WLimited Time - July 2017
Wyvern HunterWyvern Hunter431431SLimited Time - July 2017
Wyvern Hunting BladeWyvern Hunting Blade477385WLimited Time - July 2017
Xmas TreebladesXmas Treeblades260216WCrate Purchase - Uncommon
Yuletide ChampionYuletide Champion212265SFavor Points purchase
Yuletide CrossbowYuletide Crossbow533271WLimited Time - December 2016
Zircon ArtificerZircon Artificer495233SFavor Points purchase
Zombie War ElephantZombie War Elephant140145WFavor Points purchase

Fablanta Fablanta (talk) 05:08, July 29, 2017 (UTC)