For every level you advance, you gain 5 Skill points, skill points are also gained through Achievements.

These skill points can be spent to upgrade character attributes;

  • to improve energy (1:1 conversion)
  • to improve stamina (2:1 conversion)
  • to add health (1:10 conversion)
  • to increase your attack/defense (1:1 conversion)

Skill Build Edit

There really isn't a "wrong" way to build, but there are several things to take into consideration.


The more health you have the more damage you can do with a set amount of stamina.

Although a lot of health can help you with bosses it can also make you a target for high level/larger clan enemies because more health means they can get in more hits on you before your health gets too low to attack. Once someone learns this you might find them coming back to attack you time after time because the pickings they get from you are so good.


Stamina attribute dictates how much you can participate in a event, how many attacks you can mount in Battle, Battle Arena, Guild Wars and against Bosses.

There is no upper limit on how much stamina you should have just bear in mind that you only regenerate a maximum of 50 when you level up and the daily reward boosts you can use to supplement this stat is percentage based.


Energy attribute dictates how many adventures you can complete and how often you can heal Raid Bosses.


Attack attribute refers to your basic ability to deal damage to opponents, and counts towards your total battle strength in all Battles.

"You can never have too much attack."


Defense attribute refers to your basic ability to reduce damage inflicted by opponents, and counts towards your total defense strength in all Battles.

Defense is currently considered the most useless stat to put points towards for low level players but on the same hand it should not be neglected .

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