Vikings can ask the Gods for a wide variety of boosts, bonuses, and special items, including:

Limited Items Edit

These are also known as God item because they can only be bought with favor points (a.k.a. God Points). Rare and powerful Battle icon Weapons and Clan icon Warriors that are only available for a short while. Limited items can be limited by the amount of time the item is available to purchase or by the amount of items available to buy.

Limited items are usually released in batches of 3 of each type. While they may be of differing stats the power of each type (attack and defence combined) will usually be within 2 or 3 of each other. Items limited by quantity will usually be more powerful than time limited items and be priced at 30FP. The lower spec'ed time limited items are priced at 25FP. The specs of the current limited items available gradually rise over time so the powerful 30FP item you bought 6 months ago might not even be as powerful as the 25FP item you can get today.

There is a golden rule for favor points: Never, ever spend them on anything other than hired clan unless you know you are getting an exceptionally good deal. For instance the Black Frigg at only 18FP and with stats of [351/272] was too good to miss. Similarly I know of a low level player with high stamina who was able to go up 10 levels on a single (10FP) stamina refill fighting a Raid boss so no FPs lost and 50 skill points gained.

Sale ItemsEdit

After their current sale period is over you never see limited quantity items again. Time limited items however frequently come back as sale items priced in the 21FP to 23FP range and as crate items.

Kano will occasionally adjust the stats of old God items to bring their stats closer to current values so your sale items might just come good, but I wouldn't count on it especially now that they can be used to populate crates.

Hired ChieftainsEdit

Silent mercenaries who can bulk up your Allies iconClan size, each player can purchase 1k max.


Purchase boosts to your Health iconHealth, Energy iconEnergy, Stamina iconStamina, or Cash iconGold.

New CharacterEdit

New Characters are exotic and elite new classes of Viking, each with a thrilling history and a unique selection of abilities.

Loyalty ItemsEdit

Exclusive items and warriors available only to dedicated Vikings. Purchase Favor Points and acquire Gamer Points to increase your Loyalty Level and to earn Loyalty Points(LP). There are 6 loyalty tiers  and 18 Loyaty items. 

Progress through the higher Loyalty Tiers is weighted heavily on favor point purchases. 



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