You can play the Viking Clan lottery for a chance of winning the jackpot or one of the many lesser prizes!

Every player is entitled to one free ticket per day. If you want to boost your odds of a decent win you can buy more tickets with Favor Points. A single ticket will cost you 2 FPs. If you buy the maximum of 10 tickets at a time, you receive a 50% discount (on the single ticket price) reducing the per-ticket cost to one Favor Point each. You can also make 3 and 5 tickets purchase at a discount. If you have purchased any tickets you will not be given a free ticket (which seems a bit unfair) so make sure to get your free ticket first.

To choose your own numbers, click 5 different numbers from the 01-43 grid. After you have chosen 5 numbers they will appear under "Your Selected Tickets." You can choose another 5 numbers for another ticket, and each set of 5 numbers will be added to your list of selected tickets list. Choosing numbers for 10 tickets will automatically result in a 50% price discount and you will have to buy the selected tickets for 10 Favor Points before you can choose additional lines.

There is no facility to choose your numbers when you are given your free ticket.


The actual jackpot amount is dependant on how long it has gone without being won. Just after a jackpot win it is reset to 150 FPs and goes up in steps of 50 FPs each day until the maximum of 1,000 FPs is reached in 18 days.

Match Cash* XP** Tickets Favor Points Chance
1 from 5 x6 + 300 - - - 1 : 8.6
2 from 5 12x + 300 2% - - 1 : 90.3
3 from 5 - 5% 2 5 1 : 1,234.1
4 from 5 - - - 50 1 : 24,682
5 from 5 - - - 150 - 1,000 1 : 962,598

*The amount of cash you get is based on your gross Empire income.
**The XP you get is based on the XP you need to reach your next level

The XP you get is a really poor payout when compare to the 1% you get, just for helping with a challenge).

This is not a true lottery except for the top 2 tiers of prizes as the amount of cash and/or XP you get with 1, 2 and 3 number wins varies according to your level and Empire.